Tuesday, February 17, 2009

& records

breaking the trend of not keeping new year's resolutions, 2009 has so far seen me jump start my record collection. my record player had lay dormant for too long and i said at the start of the year i'd start collecting like i meant to about 2 years ago. so far, i have bought/ordered:

the get up kids - something to write home about [re-issue on doghouse records]
screeching weasel - boogadax3/my brain hurts [re-issues on no idea]
mouthbreather - thank you for your patience [no idea]
bridge & tunnel - east/west [no idea]
virgins - miscarriage [no idea]
hot water music - caution/a flight and a crash [no idea]
shorebirds - s/t 7" [no idea]
crime in stereo - the troubled stateside [nitro]/is dead [bridge9]

the reason no idea is so prominent is because they are putting out a load of awesome records and they carry alot of other label stuff in their distro. tidy!

i also bought 'never better' by POS and it's awesome. i'm not big into contemporary hip-hop but this album is slick. the packaging is also incredible - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6IrjDvVkKI

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